Whoopy Yun: Raising Fashion Giants in Africa

So many businesses in Africa die with the founder for different reasons ranging from lack of leadership skills, vision less, lack of structure and process, no good successors etc, the case is not different in the fashion industry, most fashion businesses die sometimes when the founder is alive and sometimes when the founder die, again several researches had given different reasons for such failures.
At Whoopy Yun Fashion School, we wanted to raise fashion enterprenuers who will establish a successful and sustainable fashion businesses, to do these we embarked on a mini research and we found 2 major factors that make fashion businesses in Africa die prematurely are:
1. Lack of skill: a lot can sew but few can sew professionally.
2. Paucity of business running skills: its easy to start a business (if you have access to money/capital), but really hard to run a business successfully.
To bridge these gap, we don’t just teach our students how to sew, we teach them how to sew professionally and how to run a successful and sustainable business in our environment, we are raising African giants💪🏼💪🏼
So we started a new cohort of #fash4Dev and we invited a business coach, Mr Wale Adebayo to take our students on entrepreneurship class and it has been wow!!!
He taught setting up a business, raising capital, setting goals, vision, getting staff, marketing, systems & processes etc I am sure our students lives and businesses will never remain the same after his teachings, we shall be having more facilitators come in.
Watch out for these women!

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