Department of Soft Furnishing

During soft furnishings training programme, you will develop a range of practical skills, gaining knowledge and experience of the essential elements required for making good quality bespoke window treatments, from lined and interlined curtains with hand-stitched headings, variation bedspread, pillows, duvet sas well as pleating to the pattern of the fabric.

In addition to this, you will produce a range of decorative cushions: scatter, bolster and box cushions.  You will create a range of different decorative techniques that will enhance your work giving it that truly individual bespoke feel.

During these soft furnishing classes, you will acquire an understanding of furnishing fabrics and textiles and will be encouraged to develop your own creative ideas.  You will also have a good understanding of setting up and developing a small soft furnishings business. In addition to sampling various techniques, you will produce full-scale projects, do a photoshoot of your work to launch your  soft furnishing business.

How You’re Taught

Teaching and learning experiences will include:

  • Theory
  • Practical
  • Group work
  • Self-directed Research
  • Project


Assessment is 100% by studio work.

  • Classwork and assignments
  • Project
  • Portfolio and CV


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