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In order for Whoopy Yun College to fulfill our mission “To raise successful and empathetic entrepreneurs who will be job creators and develop Africa’s economy”, we started an initiative called another initiative called “create4dev”, create4dev means creatives for development, with create4dev we empower youths with skills in the creatives industry such as photography, videography, graphics design and digital printing, soft furnishing, interior decoration, tambour beading, jewellery making, perfume making, acting, filming, woodcarving, sculpture and pottery, painting, web development and app development.

With the first cohorts of create4dev, we are starting with photography, graphics design and digital printing, tambour beading and soft furnishing.


  • Empower 150 youths annually with different skills in the creative sector.

The 150 youths will be saddled with the goal of empowering minimum of 5 others with the skill as well as employ minimum of 2 other youths.

  • Connect the trained youths with available opportunities both in and outside Nigeria.
  • Create a strong alumni network where all participants in different cohorts can network, collaborate, partner and assist each other.
  • Develop Nigeria’s economy, as well as Africa’s economy.
  • Export Africa’s culture, value and lifestyle through services and products in creative arts.

We are open to partnership, collaboration and sponsorship for create4dev.

World Connect Visits Whoopy Yun College

World Connect partner with Whoopy Yun College Initiative “Create4Dev”

World Connect believes the best ideas and capacity to address global development challenges already exist among local leaders worldwide. Through trusted field partners, World Connect finds and listens to local leaders and their project ideas for development, connecting them with investment and opportunity. Prioritizing those often marginalized, World Connect favours investing in women-led efforts, and projects that target improved outcomes for women and girls.


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