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It is no longer news that there is inequality and poverty in the world, as much as different research from different organizations shows that poverty is reducing, the reality on the street is different, Nigeria recently became the poverty capital and the reality in everyday experience is just not something I am Comfortable with.

For a very long time I was angry that I was given birth into the environment I find myself, I see how babies die due to simple sickness the parents couldn’t handle either due to none availability of health center, no money to pay private hospital or pausity of equipments at hospitals, i hate to see children malnourished, kids hawking on the streets exposed to different types of dangers and vices, the list is endless.

I wanted to help, I wanted to help people get people out of extreme poverty, but I don’t know how to.

Fash4Dev means fashion for development, it was born out of the need to reduce rising youth unemployment by creating jobs in the fashion industry.

I have been working on the dream by training people with the little available resources. Recently, we got support from a US based organization called World Connect, world connect provided us with equipments for sewing and the equipment that aids both teaching and learning.

We selected wonderful women that made teaching easy and the support we got from friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and total strangers has been WOW!!!

I believe an individual can make impact and the ripple effect of the impact is unknown. Do your best for humanity.

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