Fashion Illustration at Whoopy Yun Fashion School

It is a known fact that not everyone who can sew can create style, what makes a fashion designer is not just the ability to sew, but ability to do so many things that involves creating a complete fabulous garments.

At Whoopy Yun Fashion School, we are teaching our students how to sew, how to identify fabrics, what fabrics works for what styles and we are teaching our students how to dig deep into their creativity well, how to be innovative in the fashion world, how to envision a style in their mind/head and turn it into a real picture with our design and illustration class.

The new set of students started yesterday 2nd March,2020, we asked them to try and draw🤣😂 and we all laughed at the different drawings but as the class proceeds, we can clearly see some improvements and its just a class by the end of the month, wonderful croquis and illustration with painting will emerge from Whoopy Yun Fashion School students, not just that we will birth the new generation of fashionprenuers.

YES you can………… if LEARN how to.

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