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We are all aware of the human and economic costs of migration, especially youth migration, Nigeria loses talents, potential great leaders and possible entrepreneurs who could change the narrative of job creation and employment, young people risk their lives and often times lose their lives in the process of migration.

When we support young people in Nigeria with income generating skills, when we help nurture entrepreneurs, we directly address the reason for emigration, we help eliminate unemployment and extreme poverty which led to hopelessness and desperation to emigrate in search of greener pasture and we directly impact the causes of security challenges in Nigeria and the destination country.

You can join us to help nurture young entrepreneurs in Nigeria and empower young people with money making skills by donating to Whoopy Yun College free skill acquisition project “Fash4Dev” and “Create4Dev” by donating to our projects you will be helping us train a young Nigerian to create job for self and for others. $1, dollar will go a long way in buying training kits for the beneficiaries.


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