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Whoopy Yun College was born out of passion for creating exquisite wears and the burning desire to reduce extreme poverty and youth unemployment in Africa by empowering youths and women with vocational skills in the creative industry. Whoopy Yun College was fully established September in 2018. Join us in the journey to discover the science, art and craft of fashion in a simple form.

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Whoopy Yun College

At Whoopy Yun College you’ll devise an individual programme of study, in the form of a project, which will be focused on your career aspirations. We will support you through flexible and responsive teaching and learning, helping you to explore and challenge the limits of fashion design.


The Fash4Dev project is an innovation of the Whoopy Yun College which prioritizes the empowerment of vulnerable women and youths in low-income communities of Nigeria living below the poverty line of $1.9 per day. The project aims to empower women with income generating skills to escape poverty and live rich and productive lives. Fash4Dev is a twice a year free empowerment program.

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