It is okay to train people, it’s a fantastic idea! We love it, that’s what Whoopy Yun College is all about, why do you want to train people? After the training what next?

If you look at the length and breadth of Nigeria and Africa at large, you will see quite a number of fashion designers, photographers, illustrators, graphic artist, paint artist, dancers, musicians, web developers etc.  we have a lot of people with awesome talents and skills running different businesses in the creative sector, but some of them are struggling, why are they struggling when they are talented you ask? …………………………………………………

You may also have noticed that a thriving brand 10, 15,0r 20 years ago in the creative industry are currently dead or struggling to survive, when we have population boom in Africa, again you are wondering if they run out of ideas, or their creative skill become rusty?

Before Whoopy Yun College started, we did extensive research, read different articles about the creative industry, sustainability of African businesses, challenges and way forward, you know what we discovered?!!  A lot of Nigerian businesses are not sustainable, that’s already stale!  or perhaps you are among the few asking why? Some Nigerians, specifically Nigerians in the creative industry start their business on a second thought, some for survival, without a plan beyond survival, some start their business out of passion, without a plan beyond the passion, quite a number do not have business and entrepreneurship skills, yes, they can sew, they can design but their businesses lack structure, sustainable structures to carry the business through both the easy times and the tough times, structures to manage staff, get client, sustain client, financial structures etc. Many businesses in the creative sectors do not have business plan!!!! The few who have business plan have it to apply for loan or for grant.

This is why Whoopy Yun College is not just empowering her students with skills in the creative industry, we are interested in the business as much as we are interested in the skill, it’s okay to have the skill but we need a strategic plan to sustainably get pay cheques from our creative skills beyond survival, we need to start building brands that outlive the founder(s).

In the quest for Whoopy Yun to successfully ”

Raise a tribe of successful entrepreneurs in the creative industry


We partnered with a powerful YALI member, we are bringing in industry expert to train our students, we are bringing in Mr. Udeme Udoh.

Mr. Udoh, has been teaching our students for 2 Saturdays now, it’s going to be a September to learn:

Business structure

Business process management

Human resource management

Business policies

Financial management for business

Business marketing and so much more.

At Whoopy Yun College, our mission is to raise a tribe of successful entrepreneurs in the creative industry who will run sustainable businesses in the continent, export African culture, values and lifestyle through creative art, be job creators, reduce youth unemployment and reduce extreme poverty in Nigeria and Africa at large.

What other challenges do you think African entrepreneurs face, what do you think is the solution?


Whoopy Yun


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