Long Holiday: Be intentional about protecting your children

Another long holiday is here, it’s time for children to relax from all the schoolworks, play with friends and family, it’s that time of the year they go on vacation, spend time with grandma and/or grandpa, aunty etc, it’s time for them to hang at the park longer, time to learn how to swim, learn an instrument, coding, dancing, just about anything new and fun. It’s time for kids to be kids.

Do you also know this is the period predators have enough time to prey on kids? They go to the parks like normal adults with kids will, that’s the time the predators in our compound, home and family act out their evil plan, that’s not to say they don’t on normal days, they just have enough time to spend with the kids enough to gain their trust.

So, as a parent what are you doing to protect your kids from predators? How are you engaging your kids? How are you educating them about abuse and abusers?
There are several age-appropriate books on body awareness, safety for children, saying NO to strangers, differentiating private body parts, reporting to adults etc get the books for your kids, read it with them, act it out or any other methods you think will work for your kids. Teach your kids to trust you enough to want to tell you who tried to touch them inappropriately and that you trust them and will support them irrespective of who. Be there for him/her/them.

Establish the truth and deal with the situation, don’t let attempted abuse slide, it will turn to real abuse later, report all attempted abuse, all attempted abuse or abuse must be reported, don’t hide it because it’s family members.
if we do, we give an abuser opportunity to abuse another kid.

At Whoopy Yun Foundation, we love what we do, but we hate doing it for children, protect your children.
Happy summer holiday to the children

Be intentional about your child protection.
XoXo Whoopy Yun
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  • Omobolanle

    July 27, 2022 at 5:19 am

    Children safety is important for our future sake.


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